A century ago the Masters, effectively gods on earth, went to war. All the world was engulfed in violence and bloodshed. empires were sundered and the earth was cloven and blasted. Civilization was brought low. Forty years ago the Masters vanished before a victor was decided. with their disappearance the world was in chaos, much of the knowledge of the world was lost. everyone knew that the world was huge and much more lay to the east across the great steppelands. but the nomads and the forces of nature prevented any exploration. "it's a fools errand! You'll die from arrow or frost before you get halfway! The cost in gold and blood is too great a risk!" these were all things Duncan, an adventurer from the north, was told. many years he tried but was turned down by every king and emperor and guild. eventually he gave up hope of ever traveling east.

Three years ago a strange man, human, but of a strange race with strange armor and an unknown language, wandered into a border town in the Celestine Empire. The only thing anyone could understand of what he said was something about Master Lee, a master who came to the east centuries ago who trained a First named Chuck who founded the Norrisite church.

This stranger quested for a year and retrieved 2 magic swords of alien nature. he tehn spent 2 years in the court of the Celestine emperor learning much about the western lands and opening the eyes of the west to the lands of the east. even though he didnt travel the distance, he simply entered a magical doorway, the stars were the same and what he described as the west of his lands sounded much like the lands east of the empire, the emperor decided it was time to call on Duncan. after a season of negotiating it was decided that he would make deals with the guilds, be granted funding from the imperial coffers and assigned a gaurd unit of cavalry and would build an expedition to the east. Duncan could finally explore the unknown, the emperor and the guild could set up trade and find new opportunity for wealth and the stranger, named Yoshi Toronaga, could return home.

This is the tale of their journey to the far east, what new and strange people, places and things will they find on their way there and back again….

The Silk Road

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