The Silk Road

Mission: Academics at the Buried Ship

Day 48

Night, Guide team arrive Pride Rock

Day 49

The Riders, one the same who was at the ship with Grumpet, head for the caravan base at the caves. They push ahead to arrive late tonight.

Day 50

The Riders, Callimachus and Kyros leave for the ship. Other rider leaves for Pride Rock with ambassador.

Day 53

Safe uneventful trip, arrive today and start exploring and documenting. After a pass from bottom to top, we check out the machine man.

The glowing gem goes into the fallen automation at the helm. Putting it into a chest chamber, it awakens!! He's called a warforged, made for battle on a ship by the Ilithid. One of several sorts they created. It can speak, needs to learn our language, but can communicate telepathically to bracers below. 
He explains the tentacle creatures to us. Explains the fall of the Ilithid empire with help of a human who got his mind put into one of his kind. After that, they changed warforged creation to make them more subservient and not as free minded. W/o the ilithid here alive, though, he has been made independent. He has his equipment here and with nothing else to do, will join our expedition.
He has no proper name, only a code ID set: TK421.

Mere words can not describe the Ilithid's horror, he says. He will come to explain as best he can as Callimachus gathers info from him as we go. There is no negotiating with them, all are slaves, food, entertainment. Destroy them wherever we find them.
This ship in particular: There was a colony here on this world spread out, this was probably more than thousands of our years ago; travelling tween locations going east when a local Master brought the ship down personally; couple hours flying time from destination, hundreds of miles for us.
They were experimenting a lot with insectoids, which they generally like. They hate undead. Its hard for their senses to track them, plus no real thought patterns.

Bracers: plus 2 knowledge checks (psionic); speak to intelligent creatures that use non verbal communication. Plus 2 disable device (can be used as Heal on a warforged). We will use this communication to teach him our language.

Day 54-55

The ship is dead w/o a brain. Nothing can be gotten from its machinery. Callimachus does detail all language inside and what signs and other stuff mean from the warforged. It is so alien, it gives him a headache. We take the star charts, which being a slave warrior the warforged is not privy to.
The rooms with the dead were slaves, who began to eat each other after the crash. The ilithid fed off their depravity. The ankheg was a creature it had on the ship, woke up and dug its way out.
The stores of food are nothing any respectable human would ever eat, lots of brain.

He says salt is deadly to ilithid. Like acid.

The small glass vats of jelly like stuff house the ilithid spawn. They will never die as larva in here.
Callimachus want to cook them all to death. We get a super hot fire going and try to cook one in a vat. Its not hot enough to boil the jelly nor kill the spawn. The jelly can be removed, though, so we do that.
He keeps the 10 vats of the jelly to study later, and 10 small vials here. Each vat has 10 vials worth in it.
There are 10 spawn total. As we get the jelly out, these things start to emote emotionally to us, trying to make them love them and want to nurture them. The warforged keeps us from doing do, this then makes us even hate them even more. Each one takes several minutes held by tongs directly in a fire. It takes a couple hours,and their emotional power mains
He coal pit bakes 3 w/o ruining them for later disection.

Bio gel: repairs life, on wound for 1hr = 3d8 cure; large amount can regenerate bad wound; drink = potion of longevity; 
Theoretically, a large amount could resuscitate a recent dead, like w/in minutes, if their last breath had not left yet. Could be side effects.

Day 56

Some final clean up, then ride for Pride Rock. The warforged will have to ride double, swapping around so as not to slow us down.

Day 57-58

On the road.

Day 59

Late, arrive Pride Rock



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