weapon (melee)

Until he is out:
plus 2 short sword (when he’s gone, mst with 2 special abilities: plus 1 dam/incr crit mult), plus 4 vs trolls; DC25 use magic device = act as a sword of dancing for 6 rounds.


does not want to leave Bligh’s side
speaks telepathically
worth total well over 1000gp w/o magic
Blade crafted of blue mithril; on each side of the hilt are cougar paws, handle of ivory with some sort of unknown hide; crystal in the pommel glows, might be a diamond, speaks to Bligh.
Of Spelekian descent. He was a woodsman and warrior, had come this way shortly after the Master’s vanished and found the dungeon under Persukar. He faced an evil wizard who destroyed his body and put his soul into the sword. Ideally he’d rather not be, but he’d need a wizard or holy caster to put his soul into a new body. He’s picky about the body, too.


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