Expedition Roster

Generic Merchant Trading Check: plus 15

Imperial Attachment

Ambassador: Achilio Contos
Samurai: Toronaga
Proniar: Alexius Virrenetos (Hellenized foreign name) reputation as highly skilled and well disciplined; credit to family name; 'efficient' at what he does; oldest son of Lox Virrenetos, 7 sons
3 priests of the Return: Leader is Father Balsamon; Father Kelestos (spellcaster, full hooded robes, staff, looking wizard but lots of religious accoutraments; much more into the study of magic than religion); Deacon Nepos (most expert healer of the 3; painter as well, so paints scenery pics during the journey)

19/20 cavalry led by the proniar: the Lt is an First; another is a camo augment
a supply cart for them; war and riding for all 21
2 tons of gold from Emperor
1 month supplies

Men: 26

Duncan's Party

Jack Bligh: Lt and enforcer for Duncan
Grumpet Greenthumb: lead survivalist
Loreena Sunfire: quartermaster, entertainer, official record keeper

Mulligan the Scum: lead scout 
3 survivalists under Grumpet
3 scouts under Mulligan

Archileus: hobgoblin hoplite commander leading 8 hobgoblin mercs
2 cartographers
Callimachus: scientist
2 animal handlers
8 laborers/bearers
Duncan's 3 henchmen: Davius, Sgt. Robert O' Keefe, Andronicus

Men: 36

Later Additions:

7 hobgoblin warriors from the hobgoblin castle, under training by Archileus and the hobites.
Kyros: scholar found by Mulligan in the wild while scouting the hobgoblin ruins.
Maith Slenderbow: elm maiden fletcher and archer from the crystal wood to the NW; rescued her from Attercop cult in main spider altar room
Trysta: woman rescued from attercop cult also; given to a spider cult as a sacrifice, but have not gotten to her yet; priest in the Covenant from the west.
Nnesk: planes rider goblin rescued rescued from Undermountain; claustrophobic; had gone into a cave for shelter and was suddenly blipped to the dungeon (leaving his boar mount behind); had been wandering a couple days.

Bhodan plus 5 nomad riders: Ivo, Borek, Barto, Jindrich, Ludek
Sleeping Dwarves: Arthan, Bahordil, Dammath, Elengi, Goruth, Khaltarr. Deep in the lower levels it reaches the upper underdark, whose tunnels stretch all across the continent. They came up from lower levels. They drank from a flask of wine the found here, which they still have. Few minutres after they all fell asleep. They describe their clan, which sounds like the dwarf kingdom in the books we found yesterday in the library amongst the healing books.
By the length of their beards, they’ve been asleep for a good 80 to 105 years. They are missing all their money and much equipment, including a great magic hammer named Welm and mithril plate, one of them says “Hopefully the followers of Keraptis didn’t get their hands on the hammer. But the odds of them getting their hands on all the artifacts is slim to none.&rdquo

Catnip Twins: wemics Aweth and Zarf

Rakasta: (‘Katamuro’) Jiro, Hirami, Hirameki, Kamaggi, Kito

Duncan's Mercantile Arrangements:

Tools/Artisan Equip/rare items: because of weight, we decide on a small investment of high quality stuff to wet the appetite of the orientals for future ventures.
* high quality items on 1 mule worth 10,000gp! Such as a waterclock.
* 1 mule with 1 handler
* 50/50 profit split

Jewelers: they prefer to make finished jewelry, not deal in gems. They want to import new stones in the future
* 2000gp worth of mostly jewelry with some gems
* 1 mule, 1 handler and 2 armed assistants
* 70/30 profit split

metals/ores: Duncan convinced them to send smelted ingots rather than raw ore.
* 1 10lb intot of each, highest quality examples: mithril/copper/tin/adamantine/iron
* 1 crafted item of each material, plus 1 cold iron battle axe
* 70/30 profit split now, but Duncan has 10% interest in first 3 years of future trading
* 1 houre servant, a big strong augment named Argyrus (10' tall); job is to haul all the items himself as a bearer

herbs/spices: one of the most profitable/lb of goods; Toronaga helps choose products unknown to his lands
* 4 mules loaded down to max med. load; ? handlers
* 18400gp worth to us, should be able to sell for at least a few times that
* 70/30 split, they were very stingy on profit haggle attempt

* 2 mules of seed to trade; ? handlers
* volunteers to fund half my party's ration supplies
* for security, Duncan convinces him to mount up half of Duncan's hired guards
* 50/50 profit split

* mounts up the other half of Duncan's guards, and supplies riding horses as well so lt war horses are always rested
* 5 cowboys to handle the livestock
* 20 head of livestock for either trade or our own use along the way
* 400gp worth of highest quality leather/hide bundles. No profit on this for Duncan

smiths: these guys were up for this venture, and Duncan spent big tokens to get a lot
* to trade: full plate; half plate; 15x chain; 20x longsword; 10 battle axes; 500 steel tipped arrows
* 300gp added to our resupply fund for repair and recoup caravan stuf like horseshoes, nails, cart parts, etc.
* all of Duncan's hired guards are equipped with mst armor plus 1 DR
* 20 guards, proficient riders and general labor (3x 3rd; 8x 2nd; 9x 1st); all with studs, shield, missile wpn and melee wpn
* 70/30 profit split

* 3 beams of Darkwood
* 100% profit is Duncan's, they are looking to future larger shipments

Misc. Goods
* 3 mules at max medium load
* 1 handler and 4 assistant/guards
* 4140gp worth of stuff like dyes, inks, wax, paper, etc
* 55/45 profit split

* 1 merchant representative and 3 aids (armed)
* 3 mules carrying 1500gp worth
* 70/30 profit split

Grand Total of men/animals:

Expedition Roster

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