GP 6349 (plus 1553 older coins fr. YT ritual)

SP 1796 (plus 136 older coin fr. YT ritual)

CP 443

PP 496 (plus 725 older coins fr. YT ritual)

Various gems = 2904

topaz 450; ivory 45, 55; amethyst 100; uncut bloodstones 50, 50;12 gp agate;azurite 12; 90; 55; opal 550; topaz 550; large zircon 55; amber 90,120, 80 blue spinnel 110 pearl, 90 tourmaline
what we suppose is coin(ilithid ship), each somehow made of swirls of gold and silver, differing in shape. The shape must determine the value.

assortment of bejeweled crown, scepters, and other regalia 2000 total

Potions: invis to undead

Wizard's tower and Hobgoblins

4 owlbear eggs (3000ea), 3 owlbear hides (1500ea), 2 young owlbears (2000ea)

lvl 1 maul, lvl 2 bastard scimitar

Hobgoblin Castle

12 sets artisans tools

bag rare spices, bag salt, bag wheat

bolt of good canvas, bolt good linen

12 bottles honey

noble's wig

cold weather outfit

large wood chest


portable ram

2 silver sewing needles

7 plain tapestries

10' pole

14 sacks

2x 5lb cask wax

17 small magnets

15 small wood chests

10 tiny led boxes


thick wool cloak


lots of books from book room for Callimachus

5 blackened northman broadswords

eulogy scroll and remains (may be same as in Items) of paladin

19 small crates of fabrics, moyer, old but in superb condition

66 crates ceramics, statuary, good spices, medicinal herbs

Beres Whitehelm's White Dragon Tapestry 400

silver returnist holy symbol 15

boots with hollow heels

70' waxed cord rope (bit stronger than avg)

scale mail

battle axe

ornate and snarling lion's head belt buckle 15

bronze charm (shape of sword of Imbrun) 5

Journal of travels of dead explorers from west

healing elixer x6: 2d4 plus 2 hp back after 1 hour

Ilithid Ship
rod of cold iron
rod of adamantine
each couple inches in diameter and 5' long
high qualite set of endirons and a spit
8 bags of 20 marbles each, each a single color
1lb bag nails, adamantine
1lb bag of salt, with strange ties of an unknown hard but pliable material  
several small kegs of an oil substance
tall bottle of clear liquid, strong smell of alcohol
9 bottles of a wine, also ancient so who knows if its any good
crowbar of an unknown metal, stronger than iron
grappling hook on a strong cord, metallic like but like rope!
9 outfits, sealed up in clear bags and in perfect condition, robes with high collars that would go above one's head; mix of colors including yellow, purple, orange, green. All drab, not bright
Tent of unknown very strong material
1lb pouch of a leafy substance
wrack of wood like blocks, like pressed dense, of different colors red, blue and black 
Sack, out of same tent material

Small trap, like a beartrap but a size smaller so for human would work
Metal ring, few inches in diameter, with rounded fobs along it.

Star Charts (warforged, being only a warrior, is not privy to details)

10 vats of the Bio Gelly, plus 10 vials: repairs life; on wound for 1hr = 3d8 cure; large amount can regenerate bad wound; drink = potion of longevity; each vat has 10 vials worth
Theoretically, a large amount could resuscitate a recent dead, like w/in minutes, if their last breath had not left yet. Could be side effects.

3 spawn for disection

Desolate Caves

crown of the Cairn Wight King (last king of the race)

jetblack short sword with gold wiring on handle found in the tomb of the Malakaz chief, in the wraith's room. He tells us it is not the chief's main weapon, or he would have taken it. The design is too new, in the last couple decades of the Master's rule. It's powerful, not evil, but neither good. It will allow us to carry and transport us but will not let us wield it. Likely whoever is bearing the chief's essence was the one who brought it here. The Malakaz didn't need it so left it here.

Otyugh hide leather (tentacles still hang off back) armor = leather
2 10lb bags salt
10lb bolt of canvas
8 boxes 20 arrowheads
5lb net
5lb iron prybar
miner's pick
11 mortor and pestles
12 pairs dice
23 10' poles
37 scrollcases
signet ring of the cairn wight
spinning wheel

Master's Shrine

Much more to pick up later

Crystal Ball of all crystal balls

2x mst scimitar (both lvl3, serpentine motifes, handles are coiled serpent, pommel is head, jade snake coiling up center of blade, extra money value)

The Servant's Journal: multi volume; spans centuries, in his perspective. His first meeting with the 1 god of the Masters to his moving to this place where it starts to peeter off. We can see the descent into madness from there. He was racked with guilt for a long time, traveled with a group of adv's for a while to a city in the kingdom of Esperania decades ago called , after Masters vanishing. There he was part of bringing down the inquisition, after which he began hearing the voices of Masters speaking to him, telling him how forsaken he was, dragging him down basically. He then sought seclusion ending up here. Came into contact with the YT who over time convinced/corrupted him into helping them destroy the world. 

We find info on the YT as well they hate everything not them, all else is food; if it can think its an enemy. Have taken naturally to blood cult, but rather than killing everything, just everything but YT. Where they came across the blood cult is not mentioned.

At one point, there is a vague reference to himself in the journal after the fall of the Masters: he was known as the crystal seer for a short while, a hermit.


4 battle axes, 7 spears, flindbar

Yuan Ti Ritual

Potion magic fang, alch pot purify food/drink, 

scroll: consecrate, divine favor, gr heriosm, plant shape, summon nat ally 1, unseen servant

6 small altars (30 total)

armchair 10

4 sets artisans tools

3 backpacks, 2 bags 20 marble sling bullets, 2 bags 20 sling bullets, 33 bags of half lb chalk, 2 bags common spice, 5 bags dried shrooms, 4 bags iron nails, 41 bags 1lb salt, 12 bags 1lb wheat, 4 barrels 30lb, 2x 240lb barrels alcohol; 3 × 150lb barrels oil, 35 × 10lb bolts canvas, 11 × 10lb bolts linen, bottle high qual wine, 27 bottles regular wine, 16 bottles fine wine, 2 bottles good wine, 19 bottles honey, 6 bottles spiced wine, 2 × 5lb bow saws, box 20 arrowheads, 3 boxes 20 candles, 35 × 20lb boxes charcoal, 4 chisels, cold weather outfit, asiatic courtiers outfit, 2 crowbars, 3 fishing nets, 32 flasks oil, 8 fling and steel, 2lb gameboard, grindstone, 2 × 50' hemp rope, 2 × 10' ladder, large cage, loom, 10×10 rope net, 2 × 50lb wheat sacks, 4 lb salted ham, 8lb cask molasses, 8lb dried figs, 5lb cask pickled fish, 2 × 5lb cask sausages, 3 small hunting traps, small magnet, 2x 3lb wool cloaks.


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