Arisaan S' rene

Imperial spy and slayer


Executioner (Hong’s) 4/Thief (Hong’s) 1
Str 14
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 12
Wis 17
Cha 20 (4th)
Special: Arisaan loses the Executioner mastery progression for Lore in favor of Social

Traits: Wise; Charismatic
Racial: One of Arisaan’s grandparents on both sides were full blooded elves, and his mother is a half elf. Arisaan has Elf Blooded racial trait and much extended life span.

Feats: Overwhelming Pres base 1; Gladiator base 1; Skill Focus (Sense Motive); Hafted Wpn Mst (Hong’s) base 1


Arisaan is a secret operative for the Emperor whom Duncan has worked with in the past to great effect. No one is really sure where she came from, though rumors abound. Arisaan keeps her personal life and past much to herself, and speaks to few in the court unless necessary. If it’s necessary she speak to you, the reason is probably one you won’t like.

She is present for court far more than not, in the guise of a fake officials, an entertainer or the like, though all but the emperor is ignorant of this fact. When she does appear as himself, always to meet one on one with the Emperor, it is a cloaked and mysterious appearance. All whom she silently passes gives way, for her mystique is great and he is feared all the more for it.

Arisaan S' rene

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